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This is Karl Baumann Professional Cameraman, Editor, Producer.

How can I make your big day even more special? By making it last forever! I adore crafting the main edit to capture that special exchange of looks between you both, that sly little twnkle in the eye, that amazing reaction from the groom when he sees his future wife glide down the aisle. Your wedding will be one of the most important days of your entire life, so it makes sense to capture it. In an increasingly digital age, why wouldn't you want to record this momentus occasion? 30 years ago I finished my Media degree and was lucky enough to turn a part time position as a runner at Sky Sports TV into a 20 year career. 16 of those years I ran a department as Exec Producer, filming all over Europe and the USA. You might think doing weddings feels like a demotion but it's actually the most rewarding media work I have ever done. It would be my privilege to shoot, edit & produce your special day...

Karl Baumann
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We Provide the Style You Want...

Whatever package you decide to go with, we will need to confer with you about the style / format of the media we will make for you. Do you want 4k or HiDef? Guest messages are only available with our luxury package IF you want them shot during the wedding day events, but what if the guests shoot their own messages on their phones and email them in? Do you want to tell your story in your edit? Or Perhaps you just want us to provide a more traditional record of the day? Is it really important for you we shoot a particular relative? At Wedding Videographer Surrey we will go the extra mile to deliver the film you will cherish forever. We want you to be able to show this media to future generations. "Oh mum, didn't that dress look wonderful, I want something similar for my wedding..." We want you to play the edit we deliver at your 5th, 10th and even 25th year anniversary...

Karl Baumann

Karl Baumann